Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:


  • Virtual Reality (VR) system architecture
  • Collaborative and distributed VR
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and mobile devices
  • Augmented Virtuality (AV) and tangible interfaces
  • Mixed Reality (MR)
  • Tracking and motion technologies
  • Advances in display technologies
  • Image-based 3D modeling and rendering
  • Realistic graphic rendering of dynamic or complex scenes
  • 3D audio rendering and related technologies
  • Haptic systems and devices
  • Real-time modeling & simulation
  • Multimodal interaction in immersive environments
  • Immersive collaboration: technologies, use cases, management
  • Artificial Intelligence for VR or AR/AV/MR
  • Virtual humans for VR or AR/AV/MR

Human factors issues

  • User studies and evaluation
  • Presence and cognition
  • 3D user interfaces and/or 3D interaction metaphors
  • Self-representation and embodiment, virtual humans
  • Sickness and side effects
  • Realism, validity and fidelity
  • Cost effectiveness and cost efficiency


  • Industrial applications
  • Aerospace and Transport
  • Construction and Architecture
  • Manufacturing and Engineering
  • Medical and Rehabilitation
  • Product and Process design
  • Robotics
  • Training and Education
  • Cultural applications
  • Serious Gaming and Edutainment