Detailed Program

Local timeWednesday, October 23
08:45Registration with Morning Coffee & Snacks
09:15Opening Session
09:30Keynote 1: Towards Intelligent Immersive Virtual Environments
Dr. Aleksei Tepljakov, Research Scientist at TalTech
10:30Scientific Session 1A: Immersive Interaction
Chair: Eduard Petlenkov
Switch Techniques to Recover Spatial Consistency between Virtual and Real World for Navigation with Teleportation (Long paper)
Yiran Zhang, Nicolas Ladevèze, Cédric Fleury, Patrick Bourdot
Machine Learning Based Interaction Technique Selection for 3D User Interfaces (Long paper)
Jérémy Lacoche, Thierry Duval, Bruno Arnaldi, Éric Maisel, Jérôme Royan
11:30Coffee Break
12:00Scientific Session 1B: Immersive Interaction
Chair: Vladimir Kuts
Modular and Flexible Tangible Molecular Interface for Interactive Molecular Simulation Based on Internet of Things Approach (Short paper)
Bastien Vincke, Mohamed Anis Ghaoui, Nicolas Férey, Xavier Martinez, Loïc Brochot
Volumetric Representation of Semantically Segmented Human Body Parts Using Superquadrics (Short paper)
Ryo Hachiuma, Hideo Saito
3DPlasticToolkit: Plasticity for 3D User Interfaces (Long paper)
Jérémy Lacoche, Thierry Duval, Bruno Arnaldi, Éric Maisel, Jérôme Royan
14:15Scientific Posters Fast-Forward
Chair: Gabriel Zachmann
Designing and Assessing Interactive Virtual Characters for Children Affected by ADHD
Fabrizio Nunnari, Serena Magliaro, Giovanni D’Errico, Valerio De Luca, Maria Cristina Barba, Lucio Tommaso De Paolis
Augmented Reality to Enhance the Clinical Eye: the Improvement of ADL Evaluation by mean of a Sensors Based Observation
Michele Stocco, Alessandro Luchetti, Paolo Tomasin, Alberto Fornaser, Patrizia Ianes, Giovanni Guandalini, Sayaka Okahashi, Hirokazu Kato, Mariolino De Cecco, Alexander Plopski
Designing an Interactive and Collaborative Experience in Audio Augmented Reality
Valentin Bauer, Anna Nagele, Chris Baume, Tim Cowlishaw, Henry Cooke, Chris Pike, Patrick G. T. Healey
Exploring the Use of Immersive Virtual Reality to Assess the Impact of Outdoor Views on the Perceived Size and Spaciousness of Architectural Interiors
Megan Zhao, Ariadne Sinnis-Bourozikas, Victoria Interrante
Point-Cloud Rendering for Video See-through Augmented Reality
Jinwoo Choi, JungHyun Han
Immersive and Interactive Visualisation of a Virtual Honey Bee Colony
Thomas Alves, Jérémy Rivière, Vincent Rodin, Thierry Duval
The EmojiGrid as an Immersive Self-Report Tool for the Affective Assessment of 360 VR Videos
Alexander Toet, Fabienne Heijn, Anne-Marie Brouwer, Tina Mioch, Jan B. F. Van Erp
14:45Application Posters & Demos Fast-Forward
Chairs: Vladimir Kuts & Eduard Petlenkov
Augmented Reality Verification of Building Deviations for Parametric Building Information Models
Michael Jenewein, Peter Ferschin
Buildings Modeling: From the Shape Grammar Specification to the IFC Model
Tiavina Tantely Nivolala, Cédric Sanza, Véronique Gaildrat, Princy Randriambololondrantomalala, Jean-Pierre Jessel
Into the Vitality: Responsive Modulation in Graphics
Han-Wei Kung
Designing an Edutainment Serious Game for the Antikythera Mechanism in Virtual Reality
Eleftherios Anastasovitis, Manos Roumeliotis
A VR Serious Game for Understanding Cultural Heritage
Christina Tsita, Maya Satratzemi
AR-Pong: The Adaption of the Classic Pong Game to Multi-User Mobile Augmented Reality
Christoph Anders, Nico Möller, Nils Schlüter, Richard Schulz, Yavuz Uslubas, Ingo Börsting, Markus Heikamp, Ole Meyer, Volker Gruhn
PLUGGY3D. Augmented Reality for Cultural Heritage
Arcadio Reyes-Lecuona, Daniel Gonzalez-Toledo, Maria Cuevas-Rodríguez, M. Luna Herruzo-Torrico, Ana García-Puyol, Luis Molina-Tanco
Explaining Principle Component Analysis in Virtual Reality
Marie Postma, Jarno Smit, Reinier Zwart
An Augmented Reality Based Application with Haptic Feedback for Ventricular Puncture Procedures in Neurosurgery
Sergio Teodoro-Vite, Isaac Tello, César F. Domínguez-Velasco, Jessica Alatorre, Salvador Pérez-Lomelí, Víctor Alcocer-Barradas, Miguel Ángel Padilla-Castañeda
Haptikfabriken Polhem – A New 3D Haptic Device
Jonas Forsslund
Demonstration of HeloVis: a 3D Immersive Helical Visualization for SIGINT Analysis
Alma Cantu, Thierry Duval, Olivier Grisvard, Gilles Coppin
Virtual Reality Training Environment for Post-Stroke Patients Memory Rehabilitation
Vladimir Kuts
15:30Posters, Demos & Exhibitors Session with Coffee Break (Permanent exhibition up to the conference ending) / Innovation HUB
16:30Scientific Session 2A: Training, Teaching & Learning
Chair: Arcadio Reyes-Lecuona
Usability and Acceptability of a Virtual Reality-based System for Endurance Training in Elderly with Chronic Respiratory Diseases (Short paper)
Vera Colombo, Marta Mondellini, Alessandra Gandolfo, Alessia Fumagalli, Marco Sacco
Using VR for Fitness Training – Pilot Study (Long paper)
Günter Alce, Adrian Hansson, Knut Mårtensson
17:25European Initiatives | Mektory Tour
(parallel activities)
18:30−20:30Evening Reception in Mektory


Local timeThursday, October 24
08:15Morning Coffee
08:45Greeting from the Moderator: Tauno Otto
08:50Keynote 2: Augmented Visualization by Multiple Viewpoints
Hideo Saito, Full Professor in the Department of Information and Computer Science, Keio University, Japan
09:45Application Session 1 – Edutainment
Chair: Jérôme Perret
Mobile Augmented Reality for Teaching Physics to Secondary School Children
Kumari Moothedath Chandran, Sagar Biradar, Niyati Shukla, Arvind Iyer, Balan Gurumoorthy
Augmented Reality in Higher Education: An Active Learning Approach for a Course in Audiovisual Production
Gergana Lilligreen, Sascha Keuchel, Alexander Wiebel
Development of a Smart Workstation by Using AR Technology
Kätlin Värno, Tauno Otto, Kashif Mahmood, Vladimir Kuts
10:30Coffee Break
11:00Scientific Session 2B: Training, Teaching & Learning
Chair: Krzysztof Walczak
Augmented Reality in Physics education: Motion Understanding Using an Augmented Airtable (Short paper)
Narek Minaskan, Jason Rambach, Alain Pagani, Didier Stricker
For the Many, Not the One: Designing Low-Cost Joint VR Experiences for Place-Based Learning (Long paper)
Jan Oliver Wallgrün, Jack (Shen-Kuen) Chang, Jiayan Zhao, Pejman Sajjadi, Danielle Oprean, Thomas B. Murphy, Jennifer Baka, Alexander Klippel
11:50Scientific Session 3: Industrial Applications & Data Analysis
Chair: Kaj Helin
Evaluating Added Value of Augmented Reality to Assist Aeronautical Maintenance Workers — Experimentation on On-Field Use Case (Long paper)
Quentin Loizeau, Florence Danglade, Fakhreddine Ababsa, Frédéric Merienne
Exploiting Augmented Reality to Enhance Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams for Information Retrieval Tasks in Industry 4.0 Maintenance (Short paper)
Michele Gattullo, Alessandro Evangelista, Antonio Emmanuele Uva, Michele Fiorentino, Antonio Boccaccio, Vito Modesto Manghisi
Expert Evaluation of the Usability of HeloVis: a 3D Immersive Helical Visualization for SIGINT Analysis (Long paper)
Alma Cantu, Thierry Duval, Olivier Grisvard, Gilles Coppin
13:15EuroVR EC Meeting | Lunch
14:15Keynote 3: In Search of Behavioral Biomarkers for Mental Disorders Using VR
Pr. Mariano Alcañiz Raya, Professor at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain) and Director of the Laboratory of Immersive Neurotechnologies (LabLENI)
Moderator: Hirokazu Kato
15:15Application Session 2 – Technology and Algorithms
Chair: Gabriel Zachmann
A Virtual Reality and BIM Approach for Clash Resolution
Pierre Raimbaud, Mateo Bonilla Palacios, Juan Pablo Romero Cortes, Pablo Figueroa, Ruding Lou, Florence Danglade, Frederic Merienne, Jose Tiberio Hernandez
Practice and Experience in High Quality 3D Graph Visualization in Virtual Reality
Jonas Müller, Jakob Harlan, Marc Stamminger, Roberto Grosso
Haptic Feedback for Digital Human Models
Jerome Perret
MobiPV4Hololens - HoloLens Based User Interface for Astronauts Procedure Viewer
Kaj Helin, Jaakko Karjalainen, Paul Kiernan, Mikael Wolff, David Martinez Oliveira
16:15Coffee Break
16:45Scientific Session 4A: Perception, Cognition & Evaluation
Chair: Victoria Interrante
The Construction and Validation of the SP-IE questionnaire: An instrument for measuring Spatial Presence in Immersive Environments (Long paper)
Nawel Khenak, Jean-Marc Vézien, Patrick Bourdot
Comparison Between the Methods of Adjustment and Constant Stimuli for the Estimation of Redirection Detection Thresholds (Long paper)
Weiya Chen, Nicolas Ladevèze, Wei Hu, Shiqi Ou, Patrick Bourdot
17:45−19:30EuroVR General Assembly
Chair: Marco Sacco
20:00−23:00EuroVR Gala dinner at Noblessner Shipyard (Peetri 11, Tallinn)


Local timeFriday, October 25
08:15Morning Coffee
08:45Greeting from the Moderator: Patrick Bourdot
08:50Keynote 4: Spatial Perception and Embodiment in Immersive Architectural Environments
Prof. Victoria Interrante, Full Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota (USA) and Director of the university-wide Center for Cognitive Sciences
09:45Scientific Session 4B: Perception, Cognition, & Evaluation
Chair: Mariano Alcañiz Raya
Investigating the Effect of Embodied Visualization in Remote Collaborative Augmented Reality (Long paper)
Kristoffer Waldow, Arnulph Fuhrmann, Stefan M. Grünvogel
The Effects of Driving Habits on Virtual Reality Car Passenger Anxiety (Long paper)
Alexandros Koilias, Christos Mousas, Banafsheh Rekabdar
10:45Coffee Break
11:15Application Session 3 - Interaction
Chair: Lucio Tommaso De Paolis
Movin(g) Reality
Noël Keijsers, Cheriel Hofstad, Rene van Ee, Bart van Oosteren, Carmen Ensink, Theo Theunissen, David van Dommelen, Jille Treffers
Laboratory Evaluation of AR / VR Based User Interface for Drones Control
Kaj Helin, Timo Kuula, Jaakko Karjalainen, Paul Kemppi
WEARABLE THEATRE – Theatrical VR and the Art of Immersive Storytelling
Georg Vogt, Markus Wintersberger, Christian Munk, Thomas Wagensommerer, Ulrich Kühn, Marcus Josef Weiss, Colleen Rae Holems
Usability evaluation of WEKIT AR-player – Rover Maintenance in Mars/Moon Terrain Demonstrator
Kaj Helin, Timo Kuula, Liliana Ravagnolo, Jaakko Karjalainen, Carlo Vizzi
12:15Awards & Closing Ceremony
Chairs: Tauno Otto, Krzysztof Walczak, Hirokazu Kato
13:20−16:30Industry Visits